Word-Press And Magento


Utilizing WordPress And Magento

Magento is essentially an e-commerce platform created using an open source technology that offers merchants with a highly flexible as well as effective shopping card mechanism. Along with that Magento is also known for powerful and free marketing, catalog management, and also search engine optimization tools. Magento is unmistakably one of the best e-commerce platforms that are available today on the internet.
On the other hand, WordPress is a similar open source platform that offers its users a means to create unique and attractive websites as well as blogs. For beginners, there is no other content management system that matches the level of WordPress. In the essence, WordPress is a website publishing tool that users can make use of and create their own blog or website. ESEOZ identifies the power of these online tools and provides website development and website designing services incorporating these tools.
Are Magento and WordPress the Right Choice?
At ESEOZ, we know how fast the online world is progressing. We also acknowledge the fact that these changes need to be paid attention to in order to succeed in the industry. By incorporating open source tools such as Magento and WordPress into our websites that is exactly what we intend to do.

  1. Both the tools are open source platforms. This simply translates that millions of people are working on these platforms day and night. In addition to that, WordPress is absolutely free of any surcharges.
  2. The flexibility and extensibility factors cannot be avoided.
  3. These online tools are extremely simple to comprehend and understand.
  4. They are SEO friendly. In today’s world, SEO is king. Without SEO, there is no brand visibility and without that, is there even a point of doing all this?

ESEOZ offers state of the art service for website designing and website development and the incorporation of Magento and WordPress is a standing proof of that.

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